Hello, I am SaiPe!

Exclusive. Delicate. Safe.

How does it work?


You didn't come here by chance, either you were referred by a friend or you received our personal invitation. Please answer what SaiPe asks, calmly, and be honest – this will help you to find the person you've always dreamed of.

Determine your profile

SaiPe will analyze your profile so you can find your ideal and compatible partner. In detail please inform your preferences, tastes and lifestyle to find your ideal Sugar Baby, or your Sugar Daddy.

Join the club

After filling out your profile, our team will check your data and if everything is right, you will be able to connect to our network. SaiPe has a matching system that will help you to find your dream relationship.


We Deliver Quality Service!

Fantastic Trips.

THAILAND (while testing)

Everyone loves to travel and explore, just like you, enjoy it together.

Treats & Gifts.


Send and receive gifts easily directly via chat.


In-sync onboarding

SaiPe shows matching partners for natural alignment of your lifestyle.



Well established Daddies and elegant, civilized Babies.


International Card

An account with linked credit card to facilitate shopping and control spendings.



We guarantee security and anonymity with transactions using blockchain technology.



Financial guidelines for maximizing earnings and personal growth.



Private and exclusive assistent to schedule dates and trips.


Who is SaiPe?

SaiPe is an Exclusive Sugar Dating platform.
Daddies are joining by invite only, so no fake profiles. Our Babies are cute and sophisticated. In addition all registrations are verified and checked.

We value honest and transparent relationships. That's why we provide seamless connections between Daddies and Babies through a profile compatibility tool, exclusive with SaiPe.

And in this exclusive club, there are unique differences. Babies can apply for their digital account with an international debit/credit card linked to their account. Also, transactions between Daddies and Babies are made in blockchain, ensuring more security and anonymity.

Another great feature of SaiPe is the superchat. On top of familiar sending photos and videos, sharing stories, you could send and receive treats and gifts, all in real time, in a safe and secure way.